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I just gathered all necessary info from this board to give you idea what you need to have and know before you will start your retrofit process.


I would say there are 2 very simillar ways to install your Navigation. If you retrofit is for 02+ A4 model then your install is basically plug & play. If you have 00+ A6 model then your install will require connecting speed wire manually. Not complicated but for some could be a problem. So if you are familliar with your car, and feel comfortable with installation process, you should be able to get it to work within 20-40 minutes.
If not, you can ask any auto electronic shop for help. They shouldn't charge you more than $50-100


Audi A4 / S4 B5 2000+ » installation require to connect CAN BUS
Audi A4 / S4 B6 2002+ » installation is plug & play
Audi A6 / Allroad 2000+ » installation is plug & play + connecting speed wire required


» Navigation unit (CLICK HERE for part numbers)
» GPS antenna with FAKRA connector
» Harness / adapter cable
» antenna adapter
» DVD Maps (+patch if you want to use US Maps with EU software)
» access to VAG COM to modify your ECU (car computer) settings
» Radio removing tools


» To play DVD movies you need Dietz multimedia interface with AV inputs.
See Multimedia section for more info.

» External CD changer is available from your dealership.

» BLUETOOTH phone system is available at your dealership or 3rd party manufacturers like Parrot (with non OEM systems some functionality will be lost)


US units in US cars & EU units in EU cars:
» RADIO - FM/AM/XM/Sirius (SAT radio is not available in Europe)
» SD cards / MP3 player (2Gb are working fine)
» TELEPHONE (full functionality only with OEM Audi accessories, 3rd party Bluetooth adapters are working fine)
» TV / DVD (only from external player via Dietz 1417 - not confirmed yet)

EU units in US cars
» RADIO - FM (EU software: AM/XM/Sirius doesn't work, US software required for full support)
» SD cards / MP3 player (2Gb are working fine)
» TELEPHONE (full functionality only with OEM Audi accessories, 3rd party Bluetooth adapters are working fine)
» TV / DVD (only from external player via Dietz 1417 or OEM TV tuner - confirmed working with both EU and US software)
» NAVIGATION (US Maps need to be patched in order to work with EU software)

Additional functionality:
:) You can play MP3s from CD
:( You can't play MP3s from DVD
:( You can't play DVD movies (unless external player is used)
:) You can connect external OEM Audi CD changer.

FAQs (posted by AudiA4B6US)
1. should I get EU or US
Really plug and play is only the US unit. The EU unit incolves modifying the US map DVD and it has some minor dificulties displaying certain road types. Navigation is not affected at all as far as I can see so far. If you are fine with modifying large (2.8GB) files and if you are able to create a dual layer DVD, if you don't care about OEM XM or AM, then you could get the EU unit and save $1k or more. Alternative: Loading US software on EU unit (works only if EU unit has software 0140 or older)

2. is it Plug and Play?
I installed my unit in a couple of minutes, getting the GPS antenna wire hidden took the most time. The plug and play adapters you can order from several source are fine if you specify exactly what you need. I did not need to change any wire when upgrading my Symphony II with Bose to the EU RNS-E

3. if not, what kind of plugs/adapters do I have to get (please provide some links on where where I can get them, if you dont mind)
Check out the cables/adapters section here for sources. Kufatec is one, Ralf Deventer is another source, they are both on or you can contact them via email

4. if not, how much re-wiring is involved?
As I said, in my case (2004 A4 B6 Avant) nothing but getting the GPS cable from the radio slot to the dashboard

5. will I have to wire/route the GPS antenna to the shark fin? if so, how?
I would recommend to get a new GPS antenna and mount it either on your dashboard (between the windshield and center speaker) or under the dashboard behind the instrument cluster or on top of the glovebox. IMO it's not worth the effort to get a cable routed through the whole car just to get the signal from the shark fin antenna.

6. I read it on one of the threads that on a B6 A4/S4, that you don't have to find the speed wire. Does this mean that "speed info" is being sent to the RSN_E unit through one of the existing wires behind the Symphony II?
If you get the RNS-E part number 8E0 035 192C (EU unit) or 8E0 035 192E (US unit) you get all signals over the existing CAN-BUS connection. No additional wiring required.

7. I live in Seattle. Does anybody know what shop I might be albe to get this installed at?
I would recommend to start with Justin's installation pictures here If you forget about the speed wire and the whole process dosn't look to difficult to DIY then do it. You may need to find a (friendly) Audi dealer or someone with a VAG-COM to check/update your settings but the installation itself should be pretty straight forward.

Those basic information should give you enough background to start with your instalation. More detailed info is located in different sections on this forum. PLEASE USE SEARCH before asking any questions. Most of answers is already posted ;)
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