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Audi Bumper Antenna

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Well for those that are thinking of having a kit with an external antenna like I am the Audi bumper antenna is pretty cool.

I can't comment on its effectiveness yet since my kit install is not complete but it is a nice unit. Sorry no pics I got real anxious and just put it in.

It comes with lots of little mounting items of which you are luck to use any. Then actual antenna pads mount inside the bumper. Bumper removal is required to get them in. The dealer told me about an hour labour but couldn't do it for me when I was there. So when I went home I found out it is only 4 bolts to remove the bumper and the bolts are inside the car readily accessible. So about an hour later I had it installed.

It comes with rubber grommets in case you have a hole not being used and just plugged. I just used the same grommet as the drain hose for the sunroof.

It looks like the cable will reach the center consol no problem. You'll most likely have to buy an adapter though. It has a female FME connector on the end of it. My kit uses a TNC eBay has the solution for about $6.00. I'm sure you can get it locally but my area is technology challenged.

The unit is very well made and it should be for the almost $300 price tag. The pads are HUGE!! had to be about 8" squares. That’s allot of receiving area.

Anyways just thought I would pass along what I thought.

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