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I found instruction on Q7 forum how to update MMI and it is :
First here are the facts.
If you car has software version 51.5.0 you will need only cd2 and cd3.
If your version is below 51.5.0 you need to start from disc 1.
-Put disc 1 in cd changer as the firs disc.
-keep pressing the SETUP button and then the RETURN button. Keep them pressed for 3-5 seconds and the update menu will appear
- press the SWUPDATE button (lower right).
- select as source CDROM and wait for the metadata file to be loaded
- select yes and follow the onscreen instructions.
-after you finish the cd1 reboot MMI, remove disc and insert cd2.
- you have to repeat the procedure as for cd1 in order to access the upgrade menu.
- cd2 has a comprehensive update of the bluetooth/telephone module.
- the procedure for cd2 has to be performed twice as in the first step will update the MAIN4/App and then the MMI needs a reboot.
- at the second run the cd2 will update MAIN6/App of the phone module.
- if yo do not perform the update twice the Bluetooth module will be disabled. Dont worry you can update the module at any time.
- finally the cd3 will update the remaining components of the system depending on what your car has fitted inside. (ie. digitaltv tuner, bose system, etc.)

This update does not provide extra functionality, instead fixes a lot of bugs in the MMI.
It is recommended by Audi.
The original discs can be purchased at Audi dealers for about 6 euros and the update can be performed in an authorized shop for a cost of course.

Please find attached some pictures taken during the upgrade of my car (Audi Q7).

Is that works with A6 as well and is safe to do it?


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My A6 software version is 0500. Can i update straight to 5570 or will i have to update to an intrim level first, i have a 2120 update disc?

When carrying out the software update, which is the prefered way of charging the battery?
1 Leave the engine running.

2 Connect a battery charger to the jump start points in the boot and leave charging while update takes place. Is this safe to do with the battery still connected to the car.


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There is LOADS of discussion on MMI SW updates in the Audi MMI Forum (surprise!), rather than have the same discussion here why not stop posting here and look & post there?
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