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2007 Audi A3 S-Line with Bose speakers and RNS-E Navigation Radio

For 2 years I have owned the car has been draining...I have just removed the radio fuse and the Navigation/phone fuse under the hood and all is fine. Trying to sell car now and fix the issue.

Pulled out all the connectors out of the back of the radio except the power connector which includes 5 wires:
Amp signal

If I pull this connector out, the drain stops. I am measuring 1.4 amp drain in the radio circuit (fuse 19 under the hood) (I put a blown fuse in its place so I can measure current flow across the top of the fuse)

I assume it is the Canbus wires that are signaling the radio to stay on.

I am checking after all doors are closed (and hood latch) and locked and wait 2 hours. I then check the draw across the blown fuse for the radio circuit and its still 1.4 amps as always.

I bought another radio from a salvage yard and that did not change, still 1.4 amps, so its not the radio.

I've researched a lot on the forums and battery draining seems to be an issue when people upgrade the radio from a concert or symphony to the RNSE unit and the new radio has to be programmed with vag com to get it to communicate correctly. I suspect that the radio in my car is the original. It is the S-Line and has Bose speakers, so naturally it should have RNSE. All the wiring behind the radio looks factory. I checked the serial number on the radio to make sure it was not a radio from a newer model year as I heard that can be an issue. The SN on the radio states that its 2006 model year. My car is a 2007, so I figure its close, likely I assume its still original radio.

Ross-Tech guy said it could be something wrong with ignition switch not working correctly. I likely will try to get VAGCOM to scan and check...I assume if the ignition was not working it would cause other problems.

To be clear, when I turn the car off, the radio does turn off, meaning the screen goes black and music stops, but still draws 1.4 amps.

Ross-Tech guy also said that GTI models had battery drain issues that can be fixed by doing something with a gateway module. I haven't looked into that much.

I am looking for ideas as to why the radio is being told to turn on. I will likely try vag com scan in the near future but hopefully looking for other ideas.

The Navigation/Phone circuit is also draining 0.7 amps...perhaps this is related. I will try to fix radio circuit first and see what happens to the phone circuit.
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