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Hi folks,

first of all .. hello! ;-)

I'm an enthusiastic Audi 80 (b4 modell) driver who's searching for alternative audi head unit which was not sold in Germany (or Europe).

Do anyone of you knows something about headunits from USA, Japan (New Zealand, Australia ..) ? Maybe a minidisc headunit like the VW minidisc headunit for the Golf IV/Bora (which wasn't sold in Europe).
It have to be a modell fitting in the normal place of the 80 .. so... no units provided with a wider frontplate of the later A3, A4, A6 modells ...


some links of audi head units i already know of:

edit2: backround of my request: newer audi headunit do not fit due to the frontplate (230mm width)

I'm thankfull for any hints!

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