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So I am hoping to get to the bottom of a Mac Mini install into the RNS-E. So far during alpha testing, I installed the Dietz 1417 and plugged my macmini into the Nav. The DVD player works fine, and the "frontrow" application comes up just fine as well. I am having problems getting the correct resolution, and screen configuration. I am hoping for some help from you good people. There is supposedly some fellow in France who integrated his Macbook into his A6 w/ RNS-E. I have not found anything online that proves he was able to do anything more than just plug his lappy into the Dietz and bring up the frontrow interface. There is a user here named Timothyadam who seemed to be making very good progress. I am intersted in all feedback and creative problem solving to make this happen. I have time set in early January 2007 to drop this car off to a car audio shop and get all my temporary work finalized, and cleaned up. Here is a link of my progress thus far...

Thanks in advance for all help,

The products I have for this project are:

MacMini 60g intel duo-core
Dietz 1417
Carnetix CNX-P1900 Ver. 2.2 Dual Output 140 Watt 12V DC-DC Regulator
MacPac Power Cable Kit
Griffin powermate controller
Griffin iMic (for voice prompts)
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