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Anyone have pics on a B5 A4/S4 RNS-E install? questions...

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Does the faceplate not fit exactly? Do you just cut it?

How about the color match problem? KIWI shoe polish in black?

Has anyone installed the Sat radio XM or Sirius? What additional cables are needed?

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Here are some pics from my B5 install:






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Thanks for the photos! It's a little taller than the...

stock fitment. How did you shorten it to fit? Cut out a slice from the bottom? What did you use? What to do about the gaps at the end? Too bad someone is not out there making a face plate for the B5 plateform.

Once you remove the Symphony I and compare it to the RNS-E, it is obvious you need to trim some off the bottom. I used a hacksaw and a lot of elbow grease. Once you remove the bulk of it, start off with some rough sandpaper and smooth it out, then finer sandpaper to finish it off. Make sure to protect the screen when you have it laying on its face.

I have not added the side inserts yet, but they can be made from the bottom once it is removed.
I'm wondering if a Dremel would work?

I'm wondering if a Dremel would work?
The nice thing about the hacksaw is that it cuts in a staight line.
That's key. I'm sure it's not easy. What grit sandpaper do you use in all to smooth it down? Anyway to take the faceplate off?
I dont remember the exact numbers, just that one was course and one was very fine. It is possible to take the face off but its tough. Having the face on gives you the best idea of where you need to cut.
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