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I am new to the forum and trying to figure out a (cheap) system for my Audi A4 (B6) 2002. The point is that my car is imported and I live in Brazil, so there is no solution for the Navigation issue. So I am looking for a DVD/TV turner solution.
I saw this same device (in a bid site that I will not mention to not break any rules of the forum) of the topic but I am not sure if it will be a plug and play for an Audi A4, if so it would be cheapest stuff to fix in my car and have an in dash (original) DVD and TV turner.
They annouce it as an:
"Audi Part Number 8E0 035 192 A. This unit fits perfect in the new Audi A4 Modell (8E)"

But will it fit to my car? Would I have wire and cable problems?

Can anyone help me with it?

Thank you in advance.
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