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Anyone familiar with this Audi Nav System?

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Japanese DVD Navigation Plus with build-in TV tuner and MD player. Does not work anywhere but Japan.
Again, the 8E0 035 192 A does only work in Japan. Its radio and TV tuner use frequencies not used anywhere else and you won't be able to receive any station. It's DVD navigation unit accepts only Japanese map DVDs (which are using a format not compatible with any other region). The only true statement is that is will mechanically fit in an A4 B6 (because it's made for a Japanese A4 B6).

Do NOT BUY this unit unless you are in Japan.

If you want a cheap system, try to get the RNS-D, part number 8E0 035 192 or 8E0 035 192B (both are European A4 B6 units). However, I have no idea if there is a "Dietz" adapter which supports the Brazilian TV standard. If you do not have a tuner which produces a PAL60 or NTSC signal you may be out of luck.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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