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Any sources known for RNS-E drives in the meantime?

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I know this is an ongoing issue, does anyone find a source for RNS-E DVD drives in the meantime. :?:

Or has any idea which kind of DVD drive or laser pickup is used in the RNS-E (manufacturer, product no.) ?


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Just found this on where someone claims that the RNS-E DVD drive and laser are the same as in the Alpine DVE-5207. Might be worth a try to check with your local Apline service guy.
Thank you, very interesting information, I will verify this.
This could be a possible source for drives in the future.

I've some kind of source for defect DVD players..It appears to be a trick to make an non functioning DVD player to work again. It's a very common issue by transport. Sometimes the above side of the player gets a little bit dented by shocks (of transport), and there's a trick to pull up/lift up the mechanism of the DVD player. it's worth the try. Eventually, after trying this yourself, you can send me the player (you have to remove it from your RNS-E yourself), and I can send it to let him try...No guarantee, but just worth the try..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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