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Amp not turning on?

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Ok, had ths symphony II HU in my B6 A4 SE and rear speakers didn't work. retro fitted RNS-E and all came alive including sub on back shelf :p Next Battery died :cry: after reading many posts about pin 13 and 16 on "D" power connector round the wrong way I decided to check mine.. No surprise they were the wrong way around (remote switch on 16) put it right and now I've gone back to front speakers only.

Has anyone seen this before coud it be a faulty remote wire or is the amp on the blink?


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I would recommend to troubleshoot the Symphony II issues first. Before you start dealing with the RNS-E adapter issues.

If you have Bose all speakers are power by the amp in the rear, non-Bose A4 have the front speakers directly connected to the head unit. Try to track down where the problem might come from and fix those first.
Thanks for replying just came back from a weekend away and rear speakers are working again. I've checked for loose wire etc but everything seems ok, I'll keep my fingers crossed they stay working.

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