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Alu rings for your RNS-E

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Hi Ted,

I found it on the internet, price is 12 Euro per piece. I'm willing to make 1 order at once for you guys in the US, order them in Germany and pay for them, and send the rings as 1 package to a linking pin in the US to distibute by normal post. Sounds like an iedea? Depends on the interest for this on the forum..Please let me know...
Could this become our first group buy? :lol:
Maybe.. :D

But I'm offering this deal as a service, I'm not making mony with this..As you can see the rings are sold for 12 Euro, and I only want this price and the cost for sending it to the US :wink:
thats cool with me. I don't mind kicking in some $$ to cover shipping for the entire shipment. Lets start a group buy and see if we get more than 10 people interested. We can also post this to the following forums in audiworld:

- Telematics and Audio
- A3
- B6 A4/S4
- B7 A4/S4

I bet we get a more then 10 if we announce it over there too.

Just tell me who I need to send my paypal$$ too. Good stuff!!
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ok, please can you put it on the mentioned forums? I don't mind to order the package, get it paid afterwards, and send it to 1 linkin pin in the US (you..?) to save the postages costs..First we have to know wether a lot of guys in the US want this rings...

I just ordered three sets of these and it cost me $59 (shipped) via paypal. I want to see them and how they are installed first....before I propose a group buy. I'm not sure if these things need to be glued on ...or just fit on the two knobs via friction.

If we did do a group buy, we probably wouldn't get a quantity we'd just save on shipping. I would imagine that it would cost someone about $17 for these rings (including shipping from Germany and shipping to their location in North America).....just my rough guess.

ok. So I decided to "pony up" $50 and ordered three sets of these aluminum rings via paypal from this source. Just got them yesterday.

I was originally hoping that these rings would have some little ridges to them (much like the similar knobs in the D3 A8 and C6 A6)....but they do not. Just smooth aluminum. I fit them on last night; the large one fits nice and snug while the small one is too loose - in my opinion. No glue was included in the package...just the rings (as if I'd use glue to hold these things on). I might keep the large ring see if it's an "acquired taste"...not sure. I was originally thinking that I could keep dirty/greasy fingerprints off the knobs of my RNS-E by using these. That is still a valid assumption....but shouldn't be the primary reason for getting these.

Overall look:
Doesn't fit in my interior (2001 A6 with dark burlwood) and chrome (not brushed aluminum accents). Would probably look more appropriate in an A3 or RS6 with more aluminum my opinion. If you have any wood will probably clash.

Bottomline: :-({|=
Need to have the right kind of interior accents to look good. Hey, it's only $17/set shipped from big deal! Someone had to be the "guniea pig" and check them out.

If anyone is interested, I'd be willing to sell you a set for $15/shipped (just PM me). 8)

PS: Haaggie, thanks for the original link/post. :)
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Hi! I also ordered them, and they arrived on monday. Indeed: the small ring is too loose..At the moment I've only the big ring on the RNS-E. In my interior it looks nice, because I've some alu accents on my dash/in the car, but I agree with your conclusion!
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