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Hi Guys,
I have fixed an Android display to my 2010 A4. It caused me with popping out airbag and Parking brake malfunction lights on. I knew this might happen because it was a known issue because I had to unplug the gateway switch. I have purchased "Foseal OBDII" reader and could connect it to my ECU. I could see many readings through the "Torque Pro APP", like RPM, temperature, Speed, and many, so I know the OBDII reader has been connected to the ECU.

My issue is now, I can't see any issue codes in my app. I couldn't read any codes, it says no codes. And even, I ran clean code, in case to see if it could clean the codes. I tried this while the engine running, and by turning off the engine, but nothing could help me. I just need to clear both these lights by anyhow, because I know there is no issue but the display fixing made it on.

1. Is there any proper way I can clean these codes?(like turning off the engine, and so)
2. Is there any admin locks needed to be removed?

I would be grateful to anyone who can advise me.



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