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Aftermarket equipment and the RNS-E

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Here is my current setup:

Symphony II head unit
Rear speakers (whatever power source drives this came from factory)

Front speakers JL Audio driven on JL Audio 2 channel Amp
8" JL Audio Sub driven on mono Alpine Amp
PhatNoise 20gb

There are some things that are kind of unique about how this is installed and I must admit that I don't totally understand how they did everything. I have done many car stereo installs in the past but I decided to have it professionally installed so it would look better. What I know is that I have a gain adjustment in my dash that I can use to increase or decrease my sub (love that) and my front speakers have a line level converter on them which then runs into my aftermarket amp to run the front speakers. The rear speakers are all stock.

From what I have read it sounds like the RNS-E has real line level outputs and I was thinking I could use those and get away from the line level converter which would be a good move. Does this make sense? One of the things that I have been considering doing is going aftermarket on my head unit because the sound quality would be better and I could get navigation but from what I have read it seems like the RNS-E is a better head unit then the Symphony II that I currently have and if it has true line level outputs I would rather keep the stock look on the dash and get all of the functionality that the RNS-E would afford me.

Will the RNS-E be able to do what I want it to?

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