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Adjusting Microphone gain on bluetooth module

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I have been told that the sound quality is poor from my audi bluetooth kit.

I attempted to recode the adaption setting

#77 Adaptation 10
-> Channel 131 (Microphone Sensitivity)
000 - 0dB (no increase/decrease)
001 - +1dB increase
002 - +2dB increase
003 - +3dB increase
004 - +4dB increase
005 - +5dB increase
006 - +6dB increase
128 - -1dB decrease
129 - -2dB decrease
130 - -3dB decrease
131 - -4dB decrease
132 - -5dB decrease
133 - -6dB decrease

I only get option of 0-6 and if i have it at anything other than 0 the phone module stops working, which makes me think its not channel 131.

Any idea's what the problem may be..??
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so nobody has done this then???
Microphone works fine for me with default settings, no comments from callers at all.

Are you using the genuine Audi microphone, mounted in the factory position?
yes genuine mic in correct possition, maybe i need to talk louder
Looking on the website it suggests that channel 134 is also for microphone sensitivity adjustment.

May be worth trying?
I too have poor sound quality from the retrofit OEM bluetooth - so far. I've tried playing with the gain settings but not much improvement. All other phone features work fine.

I have a 2004 Cabriolet (RHD) where the microphone is mounted on the LEFT hand side of the overhead light. I wonder is this a contributory factor in the poor sound as obviously this location puts it nearer the passenger side than the driver's in a right hand drive car!!

Also, I notice that the OEM mic (part number as listed on the forum here) is marked with a white sticker saying 'linkslenker' - which of course is 'left hand drive' in German - with an arrow for orientating it in the direction of the driver.

Is there a RHD specific mic part number or how have all you other RHD guys fitted it to get it to work properly? I'd appreciate some feedback.
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