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Adding bluetooth phone feature to SatNav+

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I have a new(ish) A3 with SatNav+ and want to use it to make/receive calls. The easiest way I could do this would be to (a) simply use the blutooth facility on my phone... otherwise, I guess I'd have to (b) have a 2nd SIM card and forward calls to it when I get in the car.

Is there anyone that knows where I can get (a) done? I'm in Central/South London (UK) most of the time.

Otherwise, I good service and price recommendation for (b) would be good to know.

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polite bump...

can anyone help me?
This has not been done, at least has nobody reported here that he did it. You can easily get a Parrot 3100 BT kit which mutes the RNS-E but full integration with the RNS-E is only possible with the newest generation ("High" version) and a second generation handsfree controller.
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