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Adapter Question Bluetooth Compatibility)

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Further to my previous post I have now ordered a new Audi A3 2.0 TDI DSG S-Line (without BOSE, without CD-Changer and without Mobile Phone) and have acquired the correct RNS-E unit which has been VAGcommed for my setup.

I am now looking at getting the right cables/adapter and the seller of the RNS-E had craigyb install Bluetooth without cradle and it worked a dream. My question is if I can get someone to do the Bluetooth install for me at a later date (I'm not up to the job myself!) should I buy the adaptor; w/o BOSE, w/o CD-Changer but with Mobile Phone and will it work in the meantime of my current setup of without BOSE, CD or Phone?

Apologies but I am a newbie to this. Thanks
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I suggest you purchase with CD changer and with Telephone... in case you want to add on either or both in the future. It won't hurt to have them in your harness but not used in the meantime.
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