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adapter for bose needed if i am going to upgrade system?

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so when i buy the nav unit and parts i will still have the bose system and im going to buy the adapter that is used w/bose and cd changer, but i will soon thereafter get rid of bose to upgrade sound, will i need to buy another cable or just disconnect the bose line?
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Disconnect the Bose line and change the coding of the RNS-E (the third digit is 9 with Bose and dependent on what Audi you have without Bose).
I'm not sure what year/model Audi you have (please make sure to state that in any future posts) here's my advice/thoughts:

If you install the RNS-E with bose...then decide to install an aftermarket amp/speakers etc (in place of the bose) then:

1) you should keep you RNS-E vag'd for you retain line out audio for all speakers (I assume your aftermarket amp will be powering all your speakers...and not just the rears and sub)

2) you can purchase a line-out adaptor that will plug into your existing factory harness (and bypass your line outs to your bose amp) to get you two sets of RCAs (front/rear) and a remote wire to work with your aftermarket amp. See this link for details:

3) the rest of the wiring should be pretty straight forward (RCA's, speaker wire etc...etc.)

Good luck!
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