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Acura Navi DVD?

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I have an S4 and have been a freq reader here for a while....I've been eyeing a RNS-E. Anyways my wife has a Navi DVD and I can't find any information on how to create a backup of the Navi disk. I've tried a number of things and for some reason there is no info on the web about it or any forums I can find with details like what exists here.

Anyways I'm thinking maybe someone in here has some experience with the Acura/Honda Navigation system. I would like to make a backup of my navi dvd since they cost ~$200. Thoughts on how to do this? If not no problem just figured I would ask. I assume its pretty similar to other navigation systems. Right now I have a complete copy of the Navi dvd copied to my PC and no matter what when I burn the DVD+R DL (which its supposed to read) it fails saying its invalid disc..etc Is there a trick to it certain format or program I should be usiing (currently using Nero)

Thanks in advance,

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Hi, you can search this forum for the topic 'backup'and Google for 'backup navigation dvd'. It's always a trial & error thing, depends on burner, disc and burner program you use.
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