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Dear All,

I own a 2010 Audi A3 2.0T Premium Plus. My car has Xenon, DRL but no Auto sensor or come home. I moved the car to Europe and in order to pass the local inspection I need to activate the rear fog lights. I would like to avoid changing the light fixtures.

After reading around I got the necessary switch (8P1941531BQ) and now I will have to do the necessary coding. I tried what is written here ( ) but the information refers to an older A3 and does not seem to apply to mine.

Has anyone done this? Could you please share the right procedure for changing the coding? If it helps the current coding of the central electronics module (09) is:

2E000A3FB83336E4287241E000100D4D411E62AA104DD929E4 0008840040

Thanks in advance

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