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About You, is possible ...

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Hi to all!

I've a VW Passat B5.5 (or 3BG depends of the nomenclature) I whish to install a Audio Navigation Plus navigator RNS-E.

About You "electrically" is compatible ? The signals (GALA, Can-Bus) are the same ? There are some limitations ?

Thanks a lot,

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From what I have read so far the Passat is treated by the RNS-E like an Audi without CAN. You would need to get a CAN-bus adapter to convert your analogue signal to CAN packets. And you would loose the center display (DIS). You may need to add a diversity antenna as well. Besides the fact that the faceplate of any RNS-E doesn't really fit.
Thanks for the answer.

For the FIS, for me is not a problem I don't need it. Mechanically I've found a solution. The antenna is ok.

My dubt is focalized on the CAR signals, like GALA and (if exists) other car informations.
The CAN BUS is so still necessary ?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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