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I recently bought a 2021 Q5 and we're thinking to get a Q3 too, in particular I would love to get the 228hp engine that, as I understand, is the same engine that I have on the Q5. I have a couple of questions and I'd appreciate anyone's help!

1) I read that Q5 requires premium gas (91 octane or more). However when reading about the Q3 I see that regular gas is ok. isn't it the same engine? so why is premium gas suggested for one and not the other?
2) the dealership has still some 2021 Q3 models. in your opinion what should be the price difference between getting a new 2021 vs 2022 Q3? i.e. at what price level is the 2021 "worth it"? are there big differences between the two models?
3) I'm looking at the 228hp Premium trim (i.e. the most simple trim). what is a good price before dealer fees etc? just to have an idea how much they discount the new 2022 models.

thank you.
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