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I have 2001.5 US A4 w/ Bose. After going through the NavForum, I think I’m pretty prepared to go into the install. A few question I had:

What is CAN High and CAN Low?

If I have the orange CAN wires going to the back of my Sym I:
Tap the wires and hook up the TMC

If I don’t have orange CAN wires, only grey:
I have to crack open the cluster to insert pins into #5 and #6 on grey connector?

Can I tap 12v switch and 12v constant on the factory harness, if not, what do you recommend? I’m planning on running the TMC, A/V harness and external A/V source from it.

I’m getting the “G†version of the NAV+, any issues w/ software and using an EU unit in the US? Should I download this patch?

If you were to give me the most important tips, what would they be?
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