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Aborted attempt to update XM receiver for RNS-E; questions..

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This is a cross-post from AudiWorld's B6S4 forum. Trying to get as much coverage for a good answer as possible. Apologies to those reading it twice...

I bought the updated XM receiver that works with the RNS-E yesterday. Last night I tried to follow the installation instructions listed below (found on this forum, I think) but got nervous at steps 6 & 7 and aborted the attempt:

1. Take out the spare tire cover in the trunk
2. Take out the spare tire
3. Remove the 2x10mm nuts holding the plastic cover over the trunk latch. (you'll see these nuts after removing the spare).
4. Pull upwards on the plastic cover over the trunk latch and remove this cover. There are 4 clips that hold it down. Also there is a wire connecting the light on this plastic panel. Unplug this to free up the plastic panel.
5. Remove the 2 chrome latches that anchor the cargo net on the driver side. Each of the chrome latch has 2 hex screws that keeps it down. Unscrew these screws and the latch comes off.
6. Pull the carpet panel outwards from the car (there are 3 clips around the rear bend).
7. There's a plastic clip that top part of this carpet panel. Pull down on the clip and then pull it out (it's a 2 piece clip). Now you will have access to that plastic storage box.
8. Unscrew 4x10mm nuts holding the box down.
9. Pull the storage box out and unplug the connectors behind the XM unit (4 connectors).
10. Push down on the 2 plastic clips that keep the XM unit in place and then slide it out.
11. Slide the new one in and plug everything back in and installation is reverse of the steps above.

Basically I wasn't sure just how much of the driver's side carpet I'm supposed to pull away. It feels VERY tightly adhered to the car. I was able to pull out four clips around the cargo net storage area, two on top and one on each side, but the carpet was still firm around the lip of the trunk. I didn't want to force anything.

Any tips on exactly how much of the carpet needs to be pulled away and the magic for doing so? I'm very close to just paying the dealer to do this so I don't screw up my trunk (worst case, break something; average case, introduce rattles).

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true taking this carpet out is a biatch :twisted: I'm not really patient person and I tought that I'm going to tear it apart but finally I did it.

Carpet and panel carpeting is pretty stiff so you need to use some force there.
So was the entire section of carpet that lines the lefthand side of the trunk removed when you were done, or was part of it still attached? It just seems like it's glued into the area right around the insulation on the trunk lip. Also, was reattaching it a pain? This part makes me VERY nervous! I hate to pay Audi to do this if it's really a 30 minute task, but I hate the idea of screwing up my car even more!
trunk lip is just holding carpeting but it's not glued. Carpeting it's stiff enough to slide under the lip's hard to explain but once all necessary screws and clips are out it's very simple. One more thing...carpeted panel around audio shelf is mounted on clips so you need to pull it out. Use some force , don't worry :wink:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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