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A8 D3 Electronic Rear Roller Blind retrofit

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Hi all!

I have just finished this retrofit. If somebody needs more info, I can write down the whole process (not too hard, 3-6 hours), the needed parts, and make some photos about it.

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The parts needed:

4e0 861 325 - Sun blind with motor
4e0 861 411 - Rear shelf
4e1 927 137 - Switch module in dash panel
4e0 947 111 G - Roof electronic (rear) with roller button
Some wires

The process (attached pdf file - pages are numbered as the steps needed, and the last page is wiring diagram):

- Remove back seat
- Remove trims
- Remove seat belts
- Remove rear shelf
- Add two wires from the sun blind motor (v91) to convenience system control unit (J393 - above the battery in luggage compartment) "A" connector (1 on picture) pin10 (-) and pin13 (+)
- Remove trim panel with switch module in dash panel
- Remove climatronic
- Replace the switch module
- Add a wire from the switch module (E461) connector pin13 to the climatronic control module (J255) "C" connector pin24
- Change the roof electronic module
- Now simply "rebuild" the car :)

The coding needed with vag-com:

08 - climatronic control module: add 64 to existing
38 - roof electronic: add 16 to existing
46 - convenience system: add 512 to existing

If somebody needs the parts, I can send all of them (used parts with new connectors, cables)



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Hi Gerappa,
nice Work, do you have some real pictures of it?
If you need an instruction to calibrate the ACC let me know.

Of course. I can make photos about the connectors and the wires. Just need some time, because my phone isn't able to make good photos. :cry:

The acc calibration procedure would be wery helpful, thanks! :D
I have already made this retrofit, together with coding, but the only part is the gateway what I'm waiting for. When I plug it and remove cp, the whole system will be working.


Do you speak german, cause the instruction is in german.
If not I have to translate it
Sorry, but only english/hungarian. :-(
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