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Got my DAB radio installed in the A8 last weekend, I have to say I'm very impressed over the quality of FM.

Installed the DAB module between the TV and Radio module, added power and diags and then ran the antenna cable up to the roof space.

Removed the old compensor/antenna array and installed the new TV/radio/DAB array and connected the 2 fakras at each end for DAB unit and antenna.

Recoded the car for digital radio and recoded the DAB module 0000001.

Did a 60 mile drive up the coast and never lost the signal once on my local channel. Picked up at least 5 MUX's with over 40 station available.

Some pics

Just awaiting delivery of my combined Analogue/digtal TV module for the next upgrade.

With TV in motion, Bluetooth, TMC, DVB-T and DAB, the A8 is starting to become the car I wanted it to be.
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