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Hi all

Thank you in advance for any advice and solutions

Let's start 2012 C7 2.0tdi 8 speed s tronic

First fault
My drivers door will not unlock or lock from the key fob or buttons on the inside. The window works ask well as all the other buttons. The other 3 doors lock and unlock from the fob and inside buttons and all the windows operate from the drivers door panel. I have stripped the door card and checked.the lock... seems fine. I have Launch diagnostic and it registered the following codes
05 Access & Permissi...01330... Comfort system central control module... Abnormal check DTC memory
42 Driver-Door Elect... 02115... Lock.unit for.central locking... Implausible Signal
42 Driver-Door Elect... 00532... Supply voltage... Open Circuit
42 Driver-Door Elect... 02119... Potentiometer for vertical mirror.adjustment... Electrical.fault in circuit
Any ideas... I'm leaning towards a broken electric cable

Second fault
My self.leveling headlights are not auto.leveling... They used to adjust when you turn them on but now nothing. I have no clue where to start

Last fault
I am.seeing dark grey oil in the expansion tank. I have tried flushing the cooling system on two occasions. When the water is clean and no oil residue is present I fill up with coolant from the stealers. I drive for 20 miles and when I check the expansion tank there's oil again. Someone suggested it could be my oil cooler.or gearbox cooler.

The car has been standing for 11 months after an accident. None of these faults were present before the accident and a month after. I picked up the car 2 days ago and these faults were present. The battery must have died 6-8 months ago and was replaced a week ago. I love this car but don't want to spend any of my cash unnecessarily.

Any advice will be appreciated
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