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A6 2002 RNS-E Questions

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Firstly thankyou to everyone who has posted such informative information and advice on the site, it is a great reference.

I am installing an RSN-E in a 2002 A6, no Bose, No Telephone, No CD, from a Symphony II install.

I have numerous printouts of the various installs and appropriate posts, the pin-outs Sympony II and the RSN-E. I have two harnesses, one a suposedly genuine Kufatec the other of "unknown" 0rigin.

Was thinking I would have a simple install, but neither connector seems correct so thought I would ask a couple of things before I get the car in bits !

The Kufatec unit seems for a Bose installation as no speaker connections Brown plug or RNS-E "A" connections and the Bose wire from connector B7 to ground. The other harness has the speaker connections but has no RNS-E connector B at all, which seems a bit strange.

The questions please:

1. The GALA signal has to go to what pin on the RSN-E ? (is it pin 3 V-signal connector B ?) In Radef's install it went to pin 1 on the "8 pin connector 3" plug, but then neither harness has this connector wired through (eg pin 1 connector 3 to the RSN-E pin 3 connector B)

2. The K-line (pin 7 connector 3), should that go to the RNS-e pin 5 connector B ?

3. Are the harnesses the same for A4 and A6 installs so if I could correctly cable the Kufatec unit with speaker connections and remove the Bose link the it should work ?

4. The GPS does not have a Fakra connector, the brass plug it has seems like it will fit (tight), will this work ?

Any advice would be appreciated.
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Thanks for the prompt reply.

Do the correct harnesses map Connector 3 pin 1 to Pin 3 Connector B ?

A new connector seems the easiest solution rather than chasing around finding odd pins.

Just a point of curiosity:

On the Symphony II, Connector 3 pin 1 seems to be originally the Bose connector, any idea why this connector is not generally retained and connected through to Pin 7 Connector B (Bose pin) and let the original wiring take care of this rather than being connected to ground for a Bose install ?

In which case rather than using connector 3 pin 1 for the GALA, any spare connector could be used and connected through to pin 3 connector B for the GALA

Thanks again !
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Do the correct harnesses map Connector 3 pin 1 to Pin 3 Connector B for the GALA ?
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