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A5 Cab top repair

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I am about to try to repair a convertible top glass coming unglued from the top. Dealer estimate was $5500!!! but it seems that this starts happening relatively early in the life of the top. if you see separation I would go to the dealer and report it early in the life of the waranty because after the warranty they wont do anything. I saw it happening but did not think much about the 1/4 inch I was seeing. now its a half inch and tearing at the corner.
I found this link, which seems like good advice and a good result:$8500.html'
Also shows some before pictures if you want to identify it. Looks just like mine.
I am going to try it myself here in the next couple weeks as I finally got the right glue and extra deep c-clamps. I figure I might as well try before spending $5500.
If this has not happened to you be on the lookout, I heard the updated the top design slightly since 2011 at some point but I am guessing if anything it only prolongs it to get past the warranty period better. There is no after market option for A5 Cab yet like there is for the A4 Cab.

Anyone else seen this or have a solution that worked?
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