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A4 September 2000 Install issue

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Firstly, what a fantastic forum and time saver. :D

I have finally given up try to do my install all by myself and have decided to ask the Oracles of Nav.

I have tried to find details on this forum of the wires I need to connect to behind the dash on my car but havent had a great deal of joy. I have a digital clock on the left of my dash (blue connector behind) and a red DIS on the right (green connector behind). I previously had a Syphony I in my dash. Having looked through this forum, I have found pcitures of S4, A6 and A8 each of which appear different. Anyone able to help. I can take pictures if it will help. I am using an adaptor from Kufutec and assume I will need to connect the 2 wires from behind the dash into the adaptor.

Different posts refer to either CAN-H and CAN-L while others refer to CAN & Illumination. I assume I am right in thinking these are one and the same and its just different people refer to the differently?

Incidently anyone who is install at the moment and like me feared getting behind the dash, rest assured most of the functionality of the RNS-E seemed to work straight away. The quirks that are experienced before connectiing up CAN H & CAN L are:-

1. Unit has to be powered on/off manually (Should/will turn off and on with ignition)
2. Unit switches itself off after 30 minutes use, you just have to switch it back on.
3. Buttons on unit will not light up (almost imossible to use in the dark without putting on interior lights - (Will light up when lights are switched on)
4. Navigation will be very inaccurate, direction of vechile will be wrong and screen update will be slow when first connected. It may tell you
'you are not on a digitised road' . I found once you travel onto larger roads for about 10-15 miles it becomes accurate, the direction of travel is correct and it is about 3-5 seconds slow at updating (no problem in slow traffic), but at 40 miles an hour you may miss turnings or struggle on roundabouts.
5. Auto function to chance display colour scheme from Day/Night and vice versa will not function.

I have not needed to use VAG COM at all for my install so far.

Lastly, again what a great forum very active and rapid with useful advice
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CAN high should be orange/lilac, low should be orange/brown. Most likely the pins in your instrument cluster won't be wired because you don't have any device using the infotainment or display CAN (your Symphony I was talking to the cluster over the DATA/CLK/ENA wires). What you need is someone with a wiring plan for your car who can tell you which pin number CAN high and low are in you model year B5.

Good luck...
Thanks AudiA4B6US, I was coming to that conclusion.

Whilst thwe CAN H/L may not be present behind the cluster are you suggesting a CAN H/L should always be present sonewhere?

I did buy a set of Audi Data CD's from Ebay recently so I think thats a good place for me to start to find the CAN H/L. Other wise I noted in one post someone was using a speed signal from the ABS while installing the CD based Navi Unit. I wonder if anyone has tried that on the RNS-e
The RNS-E needs CAN high/low for other signals, without CAN it will turn off after 30 minutes and the buttons will not light up. The A6 RNS-E can use the analogue v-signal, not sure about the ABS signal and your cluster may support CAN high/low even though there are no wires in those pins. However, the older the cluster is, the fewer features will be supported. Once issue may be the missing time over CAN which results in your RNS-E and cluster getting out of synch.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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