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Hi, I’ve got an S6 steering wheel on a B7 A4 (Airbag working), but I’ve never had the buttons working.

I didn’t install the wheel myself

The original wheel was the A4 MFSW

Is it possible to get the buttons working on this S6 steering wheel, using some kind of loom or adapter?
I’d pay somebody to do it, I just want to know if it’s possible

I also lost the paddle shift gears when when the wheel was swapped.

I currently have a 2010 RNSe installed (believe it’s the Seat Exeo one) with 2x 32GB SD card slots, but I’m about to swap it for an Xtrons Android 10 unit (designed to be a straight swap), so I can get Apple CarPlay running.

This unit preserves steering wheel controls, which is why I want to get them working now - to use with the new head unit. Mostly volume control

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