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A4 BT retrofit installation pics

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So today I installed a BT kit for Scott Francis in his A4, Scott had already installed an RNS-E and parrot kit, I removed parrot kit and installed the Audi OEM BT kit and coded it up for his car.

Paired with a Motorola Razor V3 (Black) it worked like a charm, SIM access profile and full integration, BT module installed behind GB and Mic in the normal roof position.

Here are the screen shots...

Main Dialer screen...

Accessing Phone setup options....

Accessing the SIM over BT....

Firmware verion H50 and SW0360...

When BT connects you get this message and the Bling...

When you make a call from your phone....

When making a calll from the Phone Directory...

All in all, better quality than the Parrot kit and no ugly bits on the dash.

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Nice job, thanks for sharing. I wish the US RNS-E BT retrofit would be as easy as the Euro retrofit. But there seem to be some issues to be solved still. :cry:
So today I installed..........All in all, better quality than the Parrot.....
Craigyb=The Best...... Incredible!
Why don't you sell us, "normal users", some modules coded.

Hello, could you help me please? I'm new to this site and I'm trying to work out what BT kit I need for my A4 2004 RNS-E. My DVD Case has part number 8PO 919 884 on it if that helps at all.

Sorry to sound so stupid but just not sure where to start.

Thanks, Marc
First things first, what year and model of car do you have?
... and installed the Audi OEM BT kit and coded it up for his car ...
Question about the coding of the OEM BT kit.
My A4 MY 2006 came with a factory installed BT and RNS-E "D" system with MFS wheel.
The voice control of the BT-kit was not working when the car was delivered. So I had it recoded at the Audi dealer which, after a lot of trial and error, resulted in a working voice control. However now it seems that the BT FSE cannot be controlled anymore from the RNS-E. I.e. phonebook, dial numbers, etc. are all greyed out and thus can not be used (this worked before recoding) . The DIS is still showing the phonebook.
Does anyone here have a clue what went wrong and how to resolve this?
I would guess at a recode of 11722 for you phone module to get MFSW and SDS working. But I have not looked this up yet.

The original code programmed in the phonemodule was: 11891.
They changed it to: 01622.
Does this tell you anything (i.e. are you able to translate this code into a configuration)?
It's about an A4 Avant MY2006, with the new MFS steeringwheel (scrollwheels + flippers), RNS-E, language voice control English, language DIS English.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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