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I have just bought an '06 2.0T FSI Quattro and it's great, but it only has the 'concert' stereo and I want to upgrade it to a nav. I've read through the forums but can't find anything on how to change from the 'concert' sytem to the RNS-E. Understand how the install for the B7 is the same as with the B6 in the case of a stright 'symphony' system, but not sure what to do to jig the climate control consul around to make the RNS-E fit in the 'concert' system's slot, which is half the depth of the RNS-E. Any help would be most grateful.

Also, just want to be sure on part numbers... am I right in thinking that the B7 RNS-E is exactly the same pert number as for the B6?

Many thanks

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