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A3 Symphony II with DIS -> RNS-E

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Hi guys,

Newbie here from the UK - must just start by saying that is one of the most useful internet forums I've ever seen. Packed with such useful information!

Anyway, I have an A3 Sportback 2.0TDI with Symphony II and DIS (which in the A3 has only red and yellow colours). I've read in detail that upgrading to the RNS-E from Symphony II is straightforward, but dispite searching I'm still not sure whether the DIS will show the navigation functions.

The DIS shows the radio station or CD and track number, so it is obviously interfaced to the Symphony unit, but will the DIS display show anything from the RNS-E?

Any help appreciated!
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yes the navi info is displayed on the DIS during route guidance.. it will also show radio station, CD or MP3.. when not in route guidance it will also display the MP3 song name..

you must recode your instrument cluster with VAG-COM or similar.. (typically add 4 to the existing coding)..

the red DIS has a little issue that it does not alway display the navi info, this is fixed by simply cycling the power on the RNS-E..

or it has also been posted, that if you start route guidance after it is in gear it will work..

Based on what I read so far, the issue with the red DIS not showing navi instruction is a A4 B6/B7 issue only. Your A3 8P and the A6 C5 should not have this issue.
That's great, thanks for the quick feedback guys! Does anyone have any pictures of what the A3 DIS looks like when showing navigation? The Symphony info appears at the top of the DIS, but I wondered if the navigation information uses the full display?
here are some pics of::

the red DIS

the color DIS

you can see the temp moves up and shares the radio spot when in active route guidance..

when guidance is not displayed, the MP3 song title is displayed as well..
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No it displays underneath the radio display. All the DIS's work that way. I can confirm the A3 red DIS will work.

Great stuff, thanks guys. Just got an email from a VAG specialist who confirms he uses VAG-COM, so just got to get hold of an RNS-E unit now! :roll:
interesting color DIS actually i didnt take a look at the A3 i testdrove but i bealive it was red.. what versions of Audi come with the color dis?
aoneto said:
interesting color DIS actually i didnt take a look at the A3 i testdrove but i bealive it was red.. what versions of Audi come with the color dis?
It depends on the country.

Some models (like the S4) normally have it as standard, and some (AFAIK most) have it as an option.
The only models with color display are the A4/S4 B6, the A6/C6 and A8 D2/D3. AFAIK there is no color DIS available for the TT, A2, A3 (both 8L and 8P), A4/B5 nor A6/C5.

PetrolDave is correct, the S4 usually gets the color display and the A4 gets it if any kind of navigation is ordered (or as a separate option).
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