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A3 compatibility

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beyond to 8P0 035 192 E, which other NAVI RNS-E work fine on the A3 8P, electrically and mechanically?

for example this???? it has the advanced chines rounds same A3 8P

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matrice said:
beyond to 8P0 035 192 E, which other NAVI RNS-E work fine on the A3 8P, electrically and mechanically?
Usually for an Audi car with code NLN (number, letter, number) the RNS-E's with code NLN (same number, same letter, same number) xxx xxx x are the only ones that will be both a mechanical and electrical exact fit.

Beware the final version letter - that also indicates "area" like EU, US - having a different area can lead to problems like the guys fitting EU RNS-E into US cars have found (need modified DVD, missing streets problem, different road colours on-screen, different FM radio frequencies, etc.)

The only exceptions I can remember seeing here and on Yahoo! Audi Nav and AudiWorld forums is where the car didn't originally have an RNS-E - line the B5 A4.

Unless, of course, anyone else knows different?
My advise: be suspicious!

There is one RNS-E auction on eBay active right now where everything which could be incorrect is incorrect. The seller advertises the unit as AUDI A6 RNS-E, 8E0 035 192 P and shows the picture you have posted as well as one from an A3.

Well, let’s start. The A3 picture is OK, there is a device which fits an A3. The other picture (the one you have posted too) is showing an A8/S8 D2. Doing some research you will see that this picture has actually been taken by Craigyb, a member here and on, who installed an A6 unit in an A8. Something a beginner should not start with. There is no RNS-E for an A8 D2 and if you read his posts here and on you will see that it was an interesting task where he described how he modified the faceplate to fit and how he installed the device. Doing some more research you will see that an A6 unit should have a part number starting with 4B0, that the 8E0 unit is for an A4 and that there is no "P" version of the A4 unit, at least not right now. The "INSTALATION TIPS" the seller refers to point right here to, so I suppose he doesn’t mind reading these comments. And it doesn't help that his feedback is private which doesn't let you see for what the seller sold in the past.

I'm not saying that this auction is a hoax. I'm just saying that based on the information the seller provides you have no idea what kind of device you are bidding on (what shape, whether it's working in your car or not and how it's actually looking). There are many auctions where at least the information provided sound right and which seem to show real pictures of the device you are bidding on.

That being said, the only A3 8P device known so far is the European unit 8P0 035 192 (no letter). There has to be a US unit but nobody has reported the part number yet (a guess would be 8P0 035 192B). And there are references to a HIGH LINE version of the European unit in MY 2006 cars but no part number has been reported for this either (could be 8P0 035 192C). If you are looking for an A3 8P unit, you definitely want one which starts with 8P0 and I would also request a picture of the top cover to see which part number is printed on the unit.

Good luck!
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Thanks thousands! I have understood all
The picture shown is my S8 with an A6 RNS-E fitted.
I forgot to say that it's also strange when the same people bid the same amount on all of the seller auctions, for different items. Looks more like getting the price up than trying to win the auction. Just strange but who knows :?
There's at least 1 unit on ebay at the moment that's described as "Audi Navigation plus A6 Sat Nav Unit vw navi(mmi dvd)".

What is shown is a CD based unit for an A6 and the part number is given as 4B0 035 192 H.

The references to MMI, DVD and VW seem there only to increase hits by the ebay search engine - and will very likely catch out less knowledgeable buyers.

As the saying goes Caveat Emptor.
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