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Hi all,

I've been browsing this forum for a while and have gained so much knowledge from a lot of posters here. I've now got a bit of an issue I'm hoping can be solved by the superior minds here!

I'm trying to retrofit an A1 MFSW to my A3 8P. I've been playing with my Audi for a while and I like to think I know the Audi internals fairly well and I've got access to ETKA and ElsaWin which I consulted before buying the A1 wheel to see if it was possible...

I found the the 3 wires from the A3 8P MFSW (Can, +12, GND) also matched the 3 wires for the A1 wheel and that the only difference between the two was the plug. I de-pinned the plug and replaced it to match my standard A3 airbag loom (haven't yet bought A1 airbag incase it doesn't work!)

I assumed it would be Plug&Play, but it wasn't... it just wouldn't work!

I got out my Multimeter and tested the wires.. I confirmed the continuity of the Pin 3 GND which was fine but found that the +12 wasn't kicking out any voltage, yet the CAN was kicking out around 4v... so I thought I may have got the 12v and CAN the wrong way round, but even switching them didn't bring the wheel the life...

Is there anyone out there that knows if this wheel will be compatible or why it isn't working?

Many thanks!
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