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A look into the future of Audi Navigation

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The MMI terminal of the DVD radio and navigation system plus, with optical and acoustic route guidance, has been redesigned. The ergonomically optimised architecture of keypad and display is inspired by the successful Multi Media Interface configuration in the Audi A8. Here, the system features an array of new functions such as innovative 3D screen navigation with touch screen monitor and character recognition that permits detailed inputs using a PAD pen.
New navigation system

There are electronic innovations in other areas of the vehicle, too. An enhanced version of the DVD screen-based navigation system plus offers special operating functions and a new screen presentation. Audi uses touch screen technology for the first time here. The driver can activate the basic architecture of the MMI screen directly by touching the function panels in the display.

The new system generation moreover permits operation of the navigation menu by direct input, e.g. of destinations, via the monitor. Instead of having to compose them one letter at a time from the menu, the driver can simply write them on the monitor with their finger. Alternatively, a remote control with pressure-sensitive surface can be used to make inputs, as on a PDA computer. The input monitor pops up out of a slot beneath the centre display at the push of a button.

The special feature is that the system is not only capable of reading in handwriting, but can also identify a wide variety of scripts. The computer is equally able to read the conventional Latin alphabet and Japanese characters.

Another new aspect is the scope provided for choosing between two different navigation modes. Those who prefer the "Tour" mode can view the route on the monitor from an appreciably enhanced, three-dimensional bird's-eye perspective. The driver can take photos of destinations with a camera at the front of the car and store these as visual route markers.

Activating the "Sport" mode displays optical information above all via the central display in the instrument cluster. As well as spoken instructions, there are direction arrows to point the way. Again in the "Tour" mode, the driver can call up a further option that acts like an electronic rally co-pilot and makes the journey an end in itself: whenever the driver feels the urge to drive along a particularly challenging, winding route, they can call up an appropriate itinerary from the computer. While following the proposed route, as well as receiving directions they are then advised on the best gear to engage and the speed at which to take the next bend.
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some other notes::

-- Harman/Becker has been award with ALL Audi Infotainment MY08 through MY12, i assume this is one of their designs??..
-- H/B also recently bought Phatnoise.. i wonder if that cartridge below the screen is a ??GB drive for MP3, pics, movies, etc??.. (Teddy would be happy)
it's ok when showing name of the streets in Japanese (vertical writing), but It will be really hard to show horizontal text in view like that :lol:

unit alone looks kind of rice'y...I like current look more....but touchscreen feature in future models could be nice ;)
looks better in black imho

and why is the power-button not illuminated ?

/me thinks its a photoshop-pic
Japan already have something like that for sale aftermarket. It is a pioneer.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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