A guide to Audi roof racks
Why do people buy roof racks? It is one of the most convenient and safe ways to carry a bike, kayak, or cargo box. The other evident benefits are a significant increase in the overall storage space and saving of your trunk’s space. Sounds good, isn’t it? But if you’re already on your way to the nearest local shop or studying the Internet for the best roof racks for Audi we’d like you to read this guide first to make sure you’ll purchase the right roof rack for your vehicle.

Types of roof racks
While there are some universal roof rack solutions engineered to fit a variety of applications, most roof racks are designed for a specific purpose and fit different types of roofs. The most popular types of roof racks based on the way of installation are:
  • roof racks for a naked or bare roof
  • factory side rails
  • factory tracks/fixed points
  • rain gutters racks
As their name indicates, roof racks for naked or bare roofs are constructed to sit on the top of vehicles that are not equipped with roof tracks or mounting points from the factory. On the contrary, factory side rails and factory tracks/fixed points types are designed to fit roofs that come with side rails, tracks, or fixed points, respectively. As for rain gutter racks, they are designed to mount to the exposed rain gutters that were common on some older vehicles. Whichever type you need, it can be found on Truck&Gear, which offers top-quality Audi roof racks for sale at affordable prices.

How many loads can I put on my roof rack?
The load capacity of a roof rack depends on its type and the material it is made of. The most durable type of roof rack is fixed point roof racks, which are properly secured in place, ensuring a super-strong connection that is able to support the maximum weight. These roof racks are usually made of metal and can handle over 300 pounds of additional weight. The other types of roof racks are less durable yet also provide enough strength to handle typical loads, such as a small or medium-size cargo box, a bike, and even a lightweight kayak. As a general rule, the maximum weight capacity of a roof rack is provided by its manufacturer, so you can always find the right one to meet your needs. At the same time, you should always keep in mind the maximum load supported by your vehicle’s roof and consider the weight of your roof rack system itself to avoid deformation.