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a few new install problems

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Put in a used unit today, with a used wiring harness, so some of the wiring might get a little interesting :)

first problem, the unit doesn't shut off with the ignition, there is a set of wires labled +12 switched and ground, but neither are referenced in the instructions that the original owner sent

when the car is running I'm getting some interference, a constant ticking noise, maybe it's a ground problem, see above

the GPS antenna I got seems to be the wrong one
it's this Kufatec

he must have used it, so I don't understand if there's some sort of extension cable or adapter I'm missing?
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nevermind on the antenna, just took the connector apart and it's OK

I also don't have anything plugged into connector 2, just I and III :?:
What car, Whaty unit, What cables u used...?
bah35uk said:
What car, Whaty unit, What cables u used...?
A4, RNS-D, and a cable that came from Jon L.

also have the one connector, it's about a 10 pin square connector not attached to anything, I just assumed it's for the CAN/TMC box, don't have one yet. You see it on the right as well.
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Oh, DUH. I don't have connector II because my car is a bose and there is no speaker level out.

there is also continuity between the red "switched 12" wire and the switched 12v wires on connector 3 and the 26 pin connector, so I guess I need to tap that into a switched source.
Pin 5 on connector 3 outputs 12v when the car is running, so I tried to tap that but it's still not switching off.

the noise seems louder when the unit is in the dash, I wonder if it's just this harness.
also don't know where that long blue wire is supposed to go, no mention of it anywhere.
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