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A couple of questions

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HI all,

Could some one clarify the following please: -

1, is the GALA signal generated from the instrument cluster?
If so could I run a cable from the GALA pin (21) as my car does not have it installed?

2, I am having difficulty with my illumination, on the back of my concert unit there are 2 connections I am unsure about - k-bus & dwa gnd. Anyone know what these are & where they should go?

3, I keep getting "off road" and "not on a digitized road" errors, and the direction / compass is not reading correctly. Are these because I have not connected a GALA or ABS signal, as I do not want to rip the car apart to install if the nav is defective.

Thanks all

Pirez :D
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can you give us some more details about:
what year/make car you drive?
What is installed?
How is it installed?
I have an A4 Avant Nov 2002, it came with a concert system (I think it concert II). I have installe an RNS-D DX prefix B for an A4. I have RNS-D Plug & Play Cable, no GALA signal at rear of cluster, I have tapped into switchged live - ok, and illumination - does not work. I have dash mounted GPS aerial that picks up 8 sats ok. I think thats it.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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