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My 2014 Audi Q5 3.0t is stock and my daily driver.
86,000 miles. Trying to keep as a sleeper. I do not want a noisy vehicle or attracting attention from cops or anything.
A APR dealer near me says I should go stage 2, with dual pulleys.
Is it a bad idea as far as drivetrain or engine longevity to do dual pulley and stage 2,
WITHOUT: 1. a upgraded or additional heat exchanger?
2. Does it really need a cold air intake? Or am I waiting my money with the stage 2 and dual or single pulley upgrade?
If I do buy a cold air intake which are a waste of money and what is the smart buy?
3. Keep stock exhaust?
Dual pulley vs a single pulley upgrade pluses and minuses?
Should I also change the transmission fluid?
What else should I know? Or think about?
Thank you!
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