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6-disc Audi CD Changed in Glovebox

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I have the RNS-E and wanted to know if it is possible to connect an Audi 6-disc CD Changer in the glovebox to the unit. I am hoping that all it requires is a CD changer harness and glovebox.
If I install the CD changer - would it prevent the multi-media adapter from also being connected?
Ultimately I would love to have the CD changer and a DVD player in the glovebox..

Thanks for the info!
- JOhn
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Hi John! Yes, it's possible. The cable harness you got from me does support connecting the CD Changer. All you need is the CD changer, glovebox and CD cnanger cable harness (at this moment I have 1 for you for a good price). You can install the DVD next to (at the right side) the CD changer. I can post a photo of my car so you can see how it wil look like. To connect the DVD player I think you also need the Dietz 1417 Multi Media Interface
Changer Harness

Sure thing, please write me either on here or my personal email and let me know what your price is for the CD Changer harness..

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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