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4B0 unit can i run mic through RNSe to BT module? (x-posted)

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can i run the mic through the 4B0 RNSe to the bluetooth module?

after installation all i get is the voice control help menu but i don't seem to have any control over it. I would like to say "Cancel" in order to "Return to Ready" but no luck.

Could i have bad mic or would running through RNSe help? Today i may try to connect different mic but want to be sure this is possible issue I get no errors in telephone module

I have hardware H44 and software xxx (US update to euro unit) - can only recode RNSe phone digit to 1 or 6 but not 7 or 2 as many think is needed
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Im not a 100% certain, but isn't the mic in/out for when you have a voice controlled RNS-E, using the same mic for phone and RNS by daisy chaining.

I'm looking into the wiring for the phone/RNS-E setups now, everyone I have done connected directly to the module and not the RNS-E

The mic in on the RNS-E is only supposed to work on the HIGH version 8E0 035 192H. But they also set the v-wire is only going to work on the 4B0 units, which has been confirmed otherwise IIRC.
okay thanks

so directly connected to BT module should be fine (as i said i will retest conenction with new mic tonight)

otherwise voice controls through RNSe only should control RNSe and techinically bypass it if BT related command right?

***in my other post that shows the 4 screens of menus i am seeing do these look like BT menus or RNSe menus for voice control? if i knew this then could get better handle on what i am actually seeing

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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