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I received my 2GB Ultra II SanDisk SD-card yesterday and put about 420 songs in 25 folders on it. It took a while for the RNS-E to read the card but then there was no complaint about too many files or so. I noticed that it doesn't show the correct size (e.g. the size for the 2GB card was shown 193MB, the size for the 512MB card for shown as 492MB or so).

I also noticed that when you are in the Drive menu, I had the option to select a folder on the smaller card (actually all 6 folders were listed under Card 1) but for the 2GB card I didn't have that option. However, after selecting Card 2 (2GB) it went and started playing the songs in the first folder and after pressing Return I got a list of all folders I could choose from.

One other thing I noticed was that the first few folders were fully indexed while the latter folders weren't. I usually display the track name and not the file name (this way you don't see the .mp3 extension at the end and the artist at the beginning) and when I first selected a song in one of the last folders, it initially displayed the file name but switched almost immeditaly to display the track name. Once it scanned the file it was fine and never displayed the file name anymore.

So, the bottom line is: It looks like 2GB cards work fine and the 400 files per media limit is about as bad as the 256MB SD-card limit, it seems to work just fine with more.

I currently have most songs ripped with 192k. For testing purposes I ripped one CD with 128k and 192k and put the songs in the same folder. Listening to the songs I could not hear a difference while driving and only hardly hear any difference while standing still. I would say for day to day use, 128k (which makes the files about 1/3 smaller) are sufficient. I'm going to rip the songs again and try to put even more files on the 2GB card. There must be a limit somewhere ;-)
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