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2022 Q3 MMI Issue - Ghost Touch

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Hello all!

I recently bought a 2022 Audi Q3 with about 13500mi - Certified Pre Owned. Almost a week or two since the purchase I had started to notice a random "ghost touch" issue (for a lack of better way to discribe this) with my car's MMI.
I am unable to attach a video to this post, unfortunately - if anyone can let me know how I can possibly share the video, that would be helpful too! The best way to describe this issue is, even though I do not touch the MMI screen, it detects random touches - especially on, but not limited to the side bar with shortcuts.

Whenever this issue occurs (which in my opinion is pretty random) it gets resolved once I reboot the MMI by pressing and holding the volume key down for ~15seconds. This does not go away on its own, and requires MMI restart.

I am creating this post to learn whether a fellow Audi owner has experienced the same, or a similar issue with their vehicle's MMI. If yes, can someone please let me know what the solution for this might be?

Unfortunately, I was rear-ended 2 weeks into the purchase, and my car was with the collision repair center until now. There was no functional damage to the vehicle except a few sensors in the rear right were damaged. It was mostly consmetic in nature. I managed to get it into an Audi service center pending collision repair (while waiting for the parts and all that), but the dealership used the collision repair as an excuse and asked me to bring it back once fixed. I am concerned that the Audi dealership will likely pin this MMI issue on the accident. Good thing, I took this video before the accident occurred, but you never know, right? I plan to take it to t he Audi service center again soon.

Any comments will be greatly helpful and much appreciated. This will definitely help if the dealership throws a curveball pinning the issue on the accident. Thanks in advance!

Note: The car is still under new vehicle warranty, and also has a CPO warranty that will kick-in once the new vehicle warranty expires.
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