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Hi All,

We have a 2015 Premium Q7, which has a few issues now. The first, and most annoying, issue is that the key seat memory is no longer working, and the menu item in MMI is actually greyed out now. This means that there is now key fob based memory for the seats, and the two door based memory buttons are the only ones that work. The second issue is that the driver's door lock button on the handle no longer locks the car, and one has to either use the button on the fob, which defeats the purpose of keyless entry, or push the driver's side rear door lock button.

I took the car to our dealer where the car was purchased new, and they spent nearly a full day looking for faults in the computer for the seat memory problem. They found nothing wrong, so the seat memory problem was not able to be rectified.

Has anyone else experienced either of these problems?

Cheers in advance.
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