Don't we all love this suspension......

My Q7 produced error 02645 the garage replaced valve block. I took the car and within 3 miles the dreaded flashing orange light appeared.

I have been watching what happens, on a journey the dial shows all the options and no error. Within a mile the lift option gets greyed out and then within another 2 miles the off road gets greyed out. At this point the flashing orange light returns and stays on.

No leaks and seems to work fine. I do have a very extensive diagnostic reader but this is too advanced for my knowledge. However I can see that I can bring graphs up live for sensors.

I know there is a lot of info on this forum so if someone knows the answer or can post a previous link I would appreaciate it greatly. It has already cost me a lot of money. Very frustrating as it appears to be working accept in these modes.