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Hi all, I have a 2010 2.0T Q
uartto that I recently brought from the auction. The seller didn't disclose the misfire so yea, I have me a pretty one my hands. Anyways, the car idles and runs rough and the car CEL codes produced a P0300, P0304, P0302, etc... I did a compression test and the results are cylinders 1-3 gaged at 180 psi and cylinder 4 at 40 psi and the no.4 spark plug did even look like it fired, no carbon marking. I did not do a leak down test because I did not have the kit nor air compressor. I began disassembling the cylinder heads and removed the valve cover and exposed the camshafts. I did notice that under the intake cam both lifters for the cylinder 4 were off and one was off from cylinder 3 ( attached picture below) and were located under the exhaust cam. The exhaust cam looks like it had been grinded down and or sheared. I ordered a replacement exhaust cam. My question is, should I replace the timing drive parts as well? Not sure what cause the lifters to fall off the valves for the intake but could it be a bad timing chain? It doesn't look damaged from what I can see but I have completly taken off the chain or the bottom cover yet. Not sure what to look for even after removal of the chain (sorry, intermiate garage mechanic/car enthusiasts). Also, if it is recommended to replace the timing drive, I would need a timing adjustment as well I assume, correct? Any help you all provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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