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2006 US DVD maps - REVIEW

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Finally I got my 2006 maps so I could make some tests.

EU users could be dissapointed because there is not much functionality that they don't have already (upgraded EU units had more functionality than US units for some time now).

US unit owners will be happy because (as I was supecting for weeks) TEL functionality is part of the software update. New software have index # 0110 (not 0044 as I heard)


I went through all other features and besides TEL functionality and CLOCK, I did't found anything noticable (well maybe mute icon)

This is picture of the clock on lower part of the screen


I believe that maps received the biggest part of the update and information are more actual now but I will test it once I will be on the road. If you want to read about TEL functionality please visit that link:

I will reposrt more info after further testing ;)
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UPDATE: got the 360 information but have couple Q's see other post

nice work! can't wait to get update squared you have 360 disk can you get the follwoing info from it it seems this is all that needs to be done to update previously updated units - then i will post files if successful


V22000 059E


LDR V220045A
APL V220057B
FNT V220055A
OS V220059D
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Can the clock display be turned off for those of us with cars whose RNS-E clocks don't sync correctly (B5's for example)?
Does the Nav stay on after turning off the ignition but not removing the key?
Stoodo said:
Does the Nav stay on after turning off the ignition but not removing the key?
Wishful thinking? :?
Does the Nav stay on after turning off the ignition but not removing the key?
that is actually more annoy to me than the disclaimer.. that would be great if they 'fixed' it, but i am not going to hold my breath..

does "MIX" remain after skipping a song??..
ordered and on its way!!!!!... :D
with US units and the new DVD, will it automatically update the unit when the new DVD is inserted?
Yes, US units should directly do the update.
Where do you order the 2006 DVD? from the dealer or online? (US version)
check the for sale section here or call Navteq at 1-866-345-AUDI. The online order system hasn't been update yet...
Thanks for the Info, NAVTEC did have them (I had to say my A4 was a 2005 to get the right one) and I got it overnighted for weekend play including shipping for under 220.00.
Thanks Proxus for the update. I was unaware that there was a new DVD map. Ordering first thing Monday morning.
What does the DVD version say? I picked up a B7 A4 less than a month ago and got one that said 1A on the front.
The new DVD is version 2A, SOFIDX is 0110.
I also upgraded my US RNS-E, and I'm pretty disappointed.

If there are significant map updates, they aren't within 50 miles of where I live.

Just about every street and road is marked "IPD" or "In Process Data", which means you can barely see the street and the RNS-E won't use use it for routing.

The odd thing is that while those same streets were invisible on the EU unit, at least it would use them.
So I called Navteq today, and I ordered the new DVD. The lady (Kim) mentioned that they were for Audi and the DVD was version 2006.1. Not sure what that really means, however I am thinking that it is 2A as mentioned previously on this thread.

Once you use the new DVD, it will update the RNS-E. Does that mean that you can't go back to version 1A at a later date if you so chose?
Okay, this is strange. Since I upgraded to the latest DVD, my door locks have been acting strange. If I park the car at night, turn it off and remove the key with the headlights still on, it locks all of the doors.

Also, the alarm has spontaneously gone off twice with the engine running.

This never happened until the upgrade, and I have tried both of the key fobs with the same result.

Could there be a connection or is this just a coincidence? I haven't touched VAG-COM for months.

I don't think this is related. In order to do what you described a device would need to be connected to the comfort CAN but the RNS-E is only connecetd to the infotainment CAN. My OnStar controller for example is connected to both because it can display information on the DIS as well as unlock the doors. I doubt that a device which is connected to the infotainment CAN only, can control devices connected to the comfort CAN. But who knows...
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