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2006 DVD and clock

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OK, this may be a dumb question, but I have seen pics of the RNS-E with the time showing in the lower center of the screen. Is this a new feature of the 2006 DVD? My 4BO unit (US C5 A6) has never had the clock in the RNS-E so I have never had any of the clock issues. Will this be an issue if I upgrade to the new DVD?? Is displaying the clock on the RNS-E a feature that can be turned off/on? -thanks
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This is a feature of the 2005_1 and 2005_2 disk and firmware in the EU units.

I think it also shows up the new 2006 US disk

So will I see the clock on my US unit once the new DVD is used and firmware updated? Second, will I now join the club of those whose clock does not sync properly? If so, I may hold off until I know I am going to do the BT install.
The clock issue is only for the B5 crows I believe, our a6 cars synch with the cluster
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